Join In

We think that you’d belong here if these apply to you:

  • You have too many tools at home, your wife/girlfriend always complains about the mess (you even have your own room for them)
  • You were two or three years old when you first got the urge of pushing a button or using a screwdriver.
  • You were mesmerized the first time you used a glue gun, spending so much time melting every piece of plastic and metal you could find that you got sick.
  • You watched your dad fixing the car and did not mind getting your hands dirty.
  • You built or bought your own 3D printer (or thinking of building one).
  • You find that building something with your bare hands relaxes you and it’s the best way to spend your time.
  • You saw us at events and think we’re a cool bunch of people with common interests.


Non-members are encouraged to come and take a tour of the space. Check our Facebook page and Meetup events for announcements.

Why visit us?

Because you can:
• take a look around and see what a hackerspace is all about
• hang out with like minded people
• get help with one of your projects or ideas
• check out the gear
• become a member of Hackerspace Iasi


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