Pledge: 3d Printer

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We are looking at purchasing a 3d printer (kit) for the space. Pledge opened 01/26/2015

Pledge leader: Eugen Cocalea

The item

We are currently looking at a Prusa i3 diy (doh!) kit.

Budget estimation

RON2000 to RON3000 depending on where we get it, if we get it as a kit or various components (if you have hours to spare, check this: Comparison of electronics for Prusa i3)


We are going for a Prusa i3, details in the BOM below

Bill of materials

Note: items marked (*) will be 3dprinted by Sebastian. He will also donate the bearings marked as (**). And he also negotiated the discount mentioned below.

Total 2342 RON - discount = 1639.4 RON

Additional Information

Prusa i3 page at


Total: 1650RON