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2015/07/28 Turist acasa @ Digi24 Iasi

Some of our members talked about how they perceive hacking and their current projects. Check the video here

Digi24 28 iulie2015-1.jpg

Digi24 28 iulie2015-2.jpg

2015/07/25 City Puls @ Antena1 Iasi

Eugen and Toni were invited to talk about makerspaces. Check the video here

Antena1 25 iulie2015.jpg

2015/07/24 Article @ 7est

Another article about our hackerspace. Check the article here

7est 24 iulie2015.jpg

2015/07/01 „Metropola HIT” @ Radio Hit

Andrei and Toni were invited to talk about our Swimathon participation and our projects. Check the audio and excerpts here

RadioHit 1 iulie2015.jpg

2015/03/09 Economic @ Ziarul Evenimentul

Toni presents how Hackerspace Iasi started. Check the article here

ZiarulEvenimentul 9 martie2015.jpg

2015/02/09 Recrutat in Iasi @ Digi24 Iasi

Eugen and Toni were invited to talk about the hackerspace at Digi24 Iasi for 'Recrutat in Iasi'. Check the video here

EmisiuneDIGI24 Feb2015.png